What is displayed on the dashboard User Stats tab?

The User Stats tab allows you to monitor and view the usage of the RPR website by the MLS members who currently have accounts within RPR. This is broken down into categories: Visits, Average Visit Duration, Reports, Searches, Properties, Logins and Deep Links. Once one of those options is chosen, a few more subsequent options can be selected to frame how you view the statistics. The statistics are calculated on a monthly basis and displayed for the previous 13 months. Here is an example using “Searches”:



RPR logs visitor traffic information in a database and aggregates the information nightly. The counts shown in each area are based on MLS and Association membership. For MLS Dashboards, each member of the MLS is counted on each visit to RPR. For Association Dashboards, membership in the Association is extrapolated from MLS membership. In areas where multiple Associations operate within an MLS area, the statistics display for members of all Associations in that area. 

RPR begins tracking when your MLS or Association dashboard is activated, so you will not see history before that point.


Visits: A Visit is defined as any activity separated by an idle period of at least 30 minutes.

Average Visit Duration (displayed in minutes): This is an average for all visitors to RPR, not a particular MLS or Association, and is the only metric sourced from Google Analytics.

Reports: The number of Residential and Commercial reports generated in a timeframe.

Searches: Locating multiple properties in a geographic area or looking for a school within an area. Website searches are measured differently from mobile searches.

Properties: The number of Property Details pages displayed for Residential and Commercial Properties is displayed. 

Logins: The login metric represents each session start. Every user's logins are captured and counted.

Deep Links: Deep Links from the broker/association/MLS website into RPR are counted by distinct link type (searches, search results, property and neighborhood details by tab, reports by type, etc).