What is displayed on the dashboard Market Data tab?

The Market Data tab is the workhorse of the MLS and Association dashboard. This tab is where you will see data from your market area, depicted as trend graphs and also available as a highly customizable Market Data Report that can be generated on demand or scheduled to run monthly. You also have the ability to print, e-mail and schedule market data reports.




When you arrive on the Market Data tab, begin by selecting charts for your report within the Create Reports tab. Step 1 is a shortcut, in which you can load a standard report template or one that you have previously created and saved. 

In Step 2 you can choose from listing, sales and distressed charts as well as data tables that present your selected listing or sales statistics in a simple format. You can easily preview a specific chart by choosing the View link. When you need a report containing only one or two metrics, you might choose to go directly from previewing your chart to running, emailing or scheduling it as a report to receive every month.



Also located in Step 2 are filters to apply to your metrics. You can filter by location, for instance if you want your report to cover a specific city, ZIP or county, or even a custom area that you draw or a state or federal legislative district. If you are an Association user with more than one MLS in your territory, you can filter by MLS. Other filters include date ranges, such as the past three, six and 13 months. Property types can be added or removed. By default, two property types (single family residence and condo/townhouse), are included in Market Data Reports. The reports are highly customizable.



In Step 3 you will configure your cover page and other elements of the report. Your cover content is especially helpful when you are emailing or sharing your report with other staff members, volunteer leadership or other key stakeholders. Your Market Data Report may include:

  • A customizable cover with MLS or Association contact information and characteristics of the report, for instance the date it was run and the date range of the content. 
  • On the first page, an executive summary of the metrics shown in the report. 
  • An appendix explaining any filters or comparisons used in the report. 

Then go ahead and preview or run your full report after Step 3.



You can view and manage your on-demand and scheduled monthly reports in the View Reports tab. 

Remember that the schedule monthly reports are created in the second or third step, by choosing the "Schedule" option in the previewer. You can have up to five active monthly reports. Market Data Reports are generated during the first week of each month, capturing the complete data for the previous month.

State associations, and associations affiliated with more than one MLS, will need to obtain permissions from the individual MLSs to have access to market data. The MLSs that you can access are shown as options in the dashboard.

More than 100 charts are available within the Market Data tab, including commonly published metrics such as Active Listings, Pending Sales, Closed Sales, Months of Inventory, Absorption Rate, and Distressed Listings and Sales. 

The charts in the report compare current and previous year performance month by month, with an inset metric on many charts summarizing three years of performance.

For more information about specific metrics and calculations, please review this article about specific metrics and calculations.

The data shown in the charts is calculated at month-end. Complete data for the previous month is generally available by the third day of the current month. Until that time, you may see partial data or no data for the previous month.

If you are an Association staff user and the data you see on this tab appears limited, or is missing, it could be because your Association lacks data permissions with some of the MLSs that cover your Association area. For more information, contact your RPR regional director or Customer Support, 877-977-7576.