What is displayed on the dashboard News and Training tab?

In the News/Training tab of the MLS and Association Dashboard, you can see all upcoming RPR training that is available locally in your region as well as any online webinars. By clicking “More RPR Training” you will be taken to the RPR blog to view the actual training calendar where you can sign up for this training. Just below there, you can see who your RPR Market Manager is and send a request if you would like onsite training or presentations done.

A region is defined as the territory of each Market Manager. You can see the composition of your region here: http://blog.narrpr.com/team/industry-relations/



The middle of the tab highlights the latest blog postings and recent news, including the monthly CEO Update from Dale Ross. To read the full article, click on “More on the blog,” which will direct you to the specific article on the blog posting. The “More RPR News” link at the bottom also takes you to the homepage of the RPR Blog.

The latest release notes are listed to the right, showing the current running version of the site and links to the notes for previous releases. These notes provide details about the release, what enhancements were made, and any new features or tools that were added. Clicking on “More Release Notes” will take you to the RPR Blog for further details on these releases.

At the bottom of the page is the option to subscribe to RPR’s newsletter. By clicking on the box, you have agreed to have these emailed to you on a regular basis. These will include updates, release notes, and information you would normally find on the blog. You can also learn more about programs available for MLSs and associations by clicking on the link to “Jump to RPR Blog,” which takes you to the appropriate page within the blog.