Does my Association need permission to view licensed MLS data?

State associations, or local associations that encompass the territory of more than one MLS, need MLS permission to view aggregations of listings data in the Market Data tab of the dashboard. If you are an Association staff user and the data you see on this tab appears limited, or is missing, it could be because your Association lacks data permissions with some of the MLSs that operate in your Association area.

A step-by-step permission process facilitates your ability to request participating MLS/CIEs in your state to authorize access aggregated licensed MLS/CIE data for your REALTOR® association employees, pursuant to the Authorized RPR Website User Access Policy in the MLS license agreement with RPR. RPR has created a Data Access Authorization form, which must be completed by the State REALTOR® AE or their designee for each employee for whom access to the Association Dashboard is requested. Once completed and approved, your Dashboard has the ability to view aggregated licensed data from participating MLSs in your state who have authorized access.  

RPR will manage the process of the Data Access Authorization forms, but the request itself must originate from the Association and sent directly to the MLS(s) within that Association’s market area. For more information, please contact your market manager.