Quick Start Info for MLS and Association Dashboard

Q:  What is the RPR Dashboard?

The RPR Dashboard is designed to extend the existing functionality of the RPR application to MLS and Association staff. The dashboard can include up to five main sections:

  • Dashboard Summary
  • Market Data
  • User Statistics (MLS and Local Associations Only)
  • Data Feeds (MLS and Local Associations Only)
  • News & Training

These features are designed for MLSs or Associations to gain insight into their market area and RPR member usage, and to access Market Data Reports, which can be distributed to staff or leadership.

Q:  Who has access to the Dashboard?

Association and MLS staff who register with RPR have access to the Dashboard. The staff can designate REALTOR® members to have access to the Dashboard as part of the registration process. Individual REALTORS® cannot register for the Dashboard themselves. Their Association or MLS staff must designate them in the registration form.

Q:  I have an RPR account. Why do I need to register?

Data in the RPR Dashboard is not available to all RPR users; the Dashboard is a tool for executive management and leadership, and therefore we require registration to ensure that only authorized MLS or association staff have access to the data and tools in the Dashboard.

Q:  How do I register?


Q: How long does the process take?

The process takes 7-10 days from the time a registration form is submitted until a Dashboard is ready to use. Once the staff member completes the registration form, they will receive an automated response that the registration is in process and that they will be notified in 7-10 business days when their Dashboard is ready for use. During that time, the MLS or Association Dashboard and data are configured and customized for their use.

Q:  What are the Economic Area Reports?

In tandem with the development of the RPR Dashboard, RPR has created legislative and economic data resources to support REALTOR® advocacy initiatives at the state, local and market area level. Two new report types support REALTOR® legislative, economic development, and technology initiatives.

The Federal Economic Area Report is designed for NAR’s 500+ Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs) to provide members of the U.S. Congress and Senate unique insights into the economics and demographics of their district or state. The report is a valuable resource for FPCs, who are organized by NAR and tasked with making legislative, in-district meetings.

The Local Economic Area Report provides insights into demographics and trends in local areas. Association and MLS staff can share these reports with local elected officials and state legislators. These reports also support county and regional economic analysis for planning and growth.

Q:  Who has access to the Economic Area Reports?

The reports are available to those RPR users registered and authorized by their Association or MLS and to FPCs designated by NAR. These registered users may include State and Local Association staff, such as Government Affairs and Political Affairs Directors, as well MLS/CIE staff. Additionally, the Association can authorize REALTOR® volunteer leadership such as President, President-Elect, or Chairpersons.

Q:  How do I register for the Economic Area Reports?

The Economic Area Reports do not require MLS data and therefore the registration process is simply a matter of registering the appropriate staff. This can be done as part of the full Dashboard registration process. Alternatively, staff can register solely for the Economic Area Reports by going to http://blog.narrpr.com/econ-reports/. Once the staff member completes the registration, they will receive an automated response that the registration is in process and that they will be notified when they can begin generating the reports. 

Q:  How is MLS data aggregated within the Dashboard?

The RPR Dashboard displays aggregated information. The RPR Dashboard has no ability to view detailed information on a property. Local Associations and MLSs registered staff will view aggregated data for their market area; State Association staff members will view aggregated data for all MLSs that have approved the State Association to view its data.