What types of reports are available? Which report should I choose?

Six types of residential reports, a valuation workbook, and a school report are available from RPR:

  • Property Report, a comprehensive look at an individual property
  • Mini Property Report, a more concise version of the Property Report
  • Property Flyer, a marketing piece
  • Seller’s Report, a tool for listing presentations
  • Market Activity Report, a snapshot of all the changes in a local real estate market
  • Neighborhood Report, data about the housing, people, economics and quality of life of a neighborhood
  • Valuation Workbook, a tool used by appraisers to help with the appraisal process
  • School Report, a summary of a school's student population, testing outcomes and community information

Which type of report you choose depends on your situation. In some cases, you may wish to create more than one type of report.

The Property Report is best for helping a client who is considering the purchase of a particular property. It can also be used to perform background research on any property of interest to the user or a client.

The Mini Property Report is helpful when you want a 10- to 12-page report on a property covering all the basics.

The Property Flyer is a marketing piece for an individual property featuring a photo selected by the user, a description supplied by the user or from our system, a locator map, and the user’s contact information and branding.

The Seller’s Report is used primarily to help prepare for listing a property. The agent can use it to make a listing presentation for a client. The report focuses on property details, comps and market activity in several categories, and has a worksheet for the seller’s proceeds.

The Market Activity Report is a mechanism for examining a local real estate market or neighborhood. It provides more detail about transactions and conditions in a defined geographic area. This report can be helpful when working with either a buyer or a seller. It can be generated for a standard geography or a custom area.

The Neighborhood Report is useful when a buyer is evaluating several neighborhoods for a potential purchase. It provides basic information, housing data and demographics for a standard geography or a custom area.

The Valuation Workbook helps appraisers get a more in-depth value of a property. The workbook can only be generated when a Sales Comparison Analysis has been created for the property.

The School Report is useful when a buyer wants to live near a specific school, as it shows detailed information about the school and school district, as well as other schools and active listings nearby.





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    Dave Kelly

    It's too bad one cannot see the elements of a report prior to ordering a report. I would like to see the report first. It's always a guessing game with RPR. LIke a box of chocolates .  .  .  you never know what you're going to get.

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    Janine Sieja - Product Mgt

    Dave, thanks for your feedback. You're not the only user who has asked for the ability to preview the elements of a report. This feature is planned for an upcoming release of RPR. If you'd like, we can add you to the ticket requesting this feature, and you will be notified when it becomes available. Just comment on this article again if you want us to do that.

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    Dave Kelly

    Yes definitely the REALTOR should be able to preview the exact report before having it sent to the client. Some of the graphs produced by RPR make no sense at all and would be embarrassing to send to a client.

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    Would be great if the graphics and data in the reports could be exported as jpegs and pdfs so we could use them individually in blog posts, newsletters, brochures, etc.  seems like the only way to use these reports to print big 8X11 pages