What’s included in the Seller’s Report?

Last Update: October 19, 2012

The Seller’s Report is a tool for listing presentations, similar to a CMA (comparative market analysis). It reviews the subject property, shows the condition of the local market, presents comparable properties for side-by-side comparison, recommends a pricing strategy and shows estimated seller proceeds. Users can choose the comps that populate the report, using the Comp Analysis tool, and display the analysis result if desired. If the user creates a Refined Value, that value can also be displayed if desired. The report also shows nearby Active Listings, Pending, Recently Sold, Distressed and Expired Listings that may be of interest to the seller.

Other elements contained in the report include:

  • Extended Home Facts
  • Property Photos
  • Historical Photos
  • Property History
  • Sales and Financing History and Price Change History
  • Market Activity Over Time
  • Market Health Charts and Comparisons

The final page of the report is a Seller's Proceeds page that can be edited via PDF to contain estimates for your report recipient. Follow these steps to print PDFs with your input:

  • Save the PDF locally 
  • Open in Adobe Reader 
  • Enter the values in the fields on the Seller's Proceeds page
  • Open the Sign menu in Adobe Reader by clicking the menu option View > Sign
  • Click "Done Signing," which will prompt you to save the document
  • Print the saved PDF

You can scan through the pages of a sample Seller’s Report on the reports generation page.