How do I download a report?

After selecting elements to include in the report and personalizing the report with the recipient’s name and a message, the user can choose one of two delivery methods:

  • “Display now” generates the report and opens it as a printable PDF (portable document format) file. This file can be printed and saved to your local drive. If you remain on the reports page while the report is generating, you will receive notification when it's ready. Or, you can go run another search or use another part of the RPR website and then return to pick up your report. You will see it in a list on the left-hand side of the page.



  • “Email to” sends a printable PDF file to your own email address or to a client’s. You can "CC" yourself so you have a copy of the email that goes out to the recipient. Just as with the "Download Now" option, the resulting report file can be printed and saved to a local drive. And the emailed report will also show up in your list on the reports generation page.

Doorbell sound for reports are configurable

When reports are ready, there will be a notification doorbell sound.  The sound can be turned off by the user.



Place your mouse over the bell next to "Reports" and click the bell to change the icon. A pop-up message confirms your change.



Reports On displays a “√” in the bell.



Reports Off displays an “X” in the bell.