Can I customize the property address or area name on my report covers?

You can customize your report covers with a unique name that you assign to a property or search. Your custom name appears in place of the property address or the geographic area on the report cover. Customizing report covers is helpful for impressing clients with a highly personalized Property or Seller’s report, and also, for a Market Activity Report, when the standard name for a geography is not the same as what is preferred locally.

With this change, if you’re not satisfied with the system name for a property or geography, you can simply enter your own and substitute it before giving a report to your client. For example: If you are generating a report on a property with a standard address of “123 Main Street, Oldtown”—but residents of this neighborhood more commonly call it “Newtown”—simply save “123 Main Street, Newtown” as the custom address for this property, and this address will be displayed on your report.

For more information on saving a property or search, see this article:

When you generate a report for a property or area for which you have created your own name, the name will automatically appear on the report cover—no further action is needed. Remember to use a saved area, not a saved search, for custom Market Activity reports.