Can I add my own photos to a report and can I use one on the cover?

Being able to add your own photos to a Property, Mini Property or Seller's Report, and choose one to have on the cover page, allows you to more fully customize your reports. Simply go to the "Summary" tab of a Property Details page, scroll down to "Property Notes," click "Upload Photos" and browse for the ones you want to include. 


Upload photos.JPG

Upload photos 2.JPG


Once the upload is complete, the photos will appear in the notes sections. Click "Edit" to choose which one you want as a cover photo and the rest will appear at the end of the report labeled with your name and the date they were loaded. Only one cover photo is allowed. If you don't choose one of your own photos, the system photo for the property will appear on the cover. When clicking to "Include in My Reports" keep in mind that ALL photos in that grouping will appear in your report. 


Upload photos 8.JPG


From here, you can also add more photos to a grouping, delete photos, and even change which one is used as the cover photo. If you choose to delete a photo, select a new cover page photo or make any other change, make sure to click on the "Save" link to save your changes. Clicking on the blue box will enlarge the photos and allow you a closer look at them.

Once the report is generated, you will see the photo on the cover that you selected.


Upload photos 9.JPG


While the system does allow for some customizing to the report cover pages, customers have requested the option to create their own cover page for reports. Attached to this article are three Microsoft Word-compatible documents that are cover pages for the Property Report, Seller's Report and Valuation Workbook that you can alter or rearrange as you see fit.

Place holders are used to indicate where you should place your photo, logo, and a property photo. We hope you find them helpful, and feel free to modify and reuse these templates to suit your needs.




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