What's included on the Property Flyer?

The Property Flyer is a one-page report that serves as a marketing piece for a property or agent. The report features a property photo, map, pricing information, user-entered headline and description, and basic facts about the property as well as MLS listing information for a listed property. You can choose any system photo to appear on the flyer, or any photos you have uploaded. Any company branding or logos that you have uploaded will also appear on the flyer as well as the agent information from your profile. 




You will need to give the Property Flyer a headline (up to 30 characters) and include a description of the property before you generate the report. You can use the property description available from the RPR system or enter your own description, or even enter details of an upcoming open house. If the property is listed, the listing information will automatically populate as the description for you to use if you choose. If you have given your property a custom name, this name will appear on the report in place of the property address. 




If you have refined the value of the property or have completed a Comp Analysis, this information will appear on the report in place of the AVM/RVM of an off-market property. You do have the ability to choose from six pricing options for a Property Flyer.  

The six options available to choose from are:

  1. Estimated Value
  2. List Price
  3. Sold Price
  4. Refined Value
  5. Comp Analysis Estimate
  6. Sales Comp Analysis Estimate



  • Avatar

    i want to zoom out on the map on my flyer so that it shows more area!!!

  • Avatar
    Janine Sieja - Product Mgt

    Anthony, we have a map zoom improvement coming soon. We will also consider allowing people to customize the zoom for a property. Thanks for your feedback!

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    Jackie Bailey

    Can you add more than one photo? Especially in the area labeled, "YOur uploaded photos"?

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    Janine Sieja - Product Mgt

    Jackie, currently you cannot display more than one photo on the Property Flyer. But we are planning some changes in the future to make this report more flexible to include what you want to show!