Why do some charts appear outdated and others current for the same area?

The data that appear in RPR's charts on Property Details pages are compiled from available public records and/or listing data for a particular geography. Within an area, some charts can be more current than others, depending on the data type and source.

Let's take an example: the Median Estimated Home Value chart that appears on the Summary tab of the Property Details page. On this chart, the median estimated home value for a property and the surrounding geography or geographies (e.g. ZIP, county and state) are displayed over time.




The data displayed on this chart are compiled from deeds, and therefore are subject to the availability of public records data. RPR's public records coverage varies by county. You can learn more about the updating of public records data in this article: http://support.narrpr.com/entries/195824-how-frequently-are-the-public-records-data-updated

If public records data are missing or delayed for an area, charts like the example will be affected. A chart could have an endpoint that is not the current month and year, or a chart could show a line dropping to zero during a timeframe when data were unavailable. These are signs that public records data are missing or flawed for an area during a certain time period.

Another chart in the same area, but relying on listing data instead of public records data, can appear much more current. An example is the Median Listing Price vs. Listing Volume chart, which appears on the Charts tab of the Property Details page.



Listing data are frequently updated in RPR, so charts depending on this data rarely appear out of date, although the chart may not appear at all, if RPR does not have listing data from an MLS for an area.

In addition, the charts that incorporate sales data (an example is Median Sales Price vs. Sales Volume) are dependent on the cycle of public data recording before the sales information is available in RPR charts. RPR is working to incorporate listing-based sales data into charts to reduce this lag time.

For current information about public records or MLS data availability in your area, call Customer Support at 877-977-7576.

Another article describes the sources of data for RPR's property pages. Learn more here: http://support.narrpr.com/entries/181587-where-does-rpr-get-the-data-for-the-property-pages