Why are no active listings displayed in an area?

If you search an area and see only public records data, and no active listings, it could mean that the local MLS has not yet signed up with RPR or that you do not have access to MLS information in that area.

The listings data (on-market residential property listings as well as off-market listings) that users can access in RPR is governed by the data licensing requirements of the associated MLS. Some MLS organizations may allow only their members to access listings data, while others may allow their listings to be viewed more broadly by RPR users.

This variability of listings access impacts which listings are accessible to users in For Sale searches (active, on-market listings), which properties are displayed in a Market Activity Report or search, and which on- and off-market listings are included in Property and Seller's reports.

Your Profile page shows the MLS or CIE organizations to which your account is linked. Next to each name, you will see green, yellow or red highlighting to indicate whether you will see listings from this organization. Follow the links for more details.

Or, you can call Customer Support, 877-977-7576, to find out which MLS listings you have access to in RPR.

RPR also has a map of which MLS organizations have partnered with RPR. The MLS map can be viewed on the RPR Blog: