Why are properties that are listed with my local MLS not shown on RPR?

The listings data (on-market residential property listings as well as off-market listings) that users can access in RPR is governed by the data licensing requirements of the associated MLS. Some MLS organizations may allow only their members to access listings data, while others may allow their listings to be viewed more broadly by RPR users. 

This variability of listings access affects which listings are accessible to users in For Sale searches (which search for active, on-market listings), which properties are shown in a Market Activity Report or search, and which on- and off-market listings are included in Property and Seller's reports.

Your Profile page shows the MLS or CIE organizations to which your account is linked. Next to each name, you will see green, yellow or red highlighting to indicate whether you will see listings from this organization. Follow the links for more details.

Or, you can call Customer Support, 877-977-7576, to find out which MLS listings you have access to in RPR or to provide the listings information that is accessible in your local MLS but cannot be found on RPR.

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    Susan Barlow

    The comps you provide in your comparable analysis are not accurate.  I would like to replace the comps your system provides with my own comp but I cannot discover a way to do this.  If I cannot use my own comps, then this is useless to me,  and I will not use RPR.  Thanks.

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    Janine Sieja - Product Mgt

    Susan, have you tried adjusting the geography and some of the other parameters you're using in your comps search to see if you can find comps that better suit you? Some details on how to do so are in this article:


    Also, did you know that you can enter individual comps by adding them by address (instead of using the search function)? If you have already identified comps you want to use for your subject property, you can enter them one by one. 

    If you try these methods and still have concerns about the comps surfacing in RPR, you can contact our Help Desk (877-977-7576) for more assistance with the property or properties you're working on. We'll be happy to help.