Why is an owner name missing or withheld from the public record?

The name of a property owner appears in the Homeowner Facts section of the Summary tab of the Property Details page.

If the property is for sale, the owner's name is provided to RPR from the MLS as listing data. If the MLS has suppressed the owner's name or does not provide the information, the owner name may appear as "WITHHELD" on RPR. This can occur even if the owner name is available from public records data.

If the property is off market, the owner's name is provided to RPR as public records data. Counties can restrict an owner’s name from displaying on public records if the county has deemed the information confidential. For example, the names of public officials, such as judges or police officers, often are restricted. In these cases, a name or a record will not be visible within RPR. The owner name may also appear as "WITHHELD" on RPR under these circumstances.