How frequently are the public records data updated?

The update frequency for public records data varies by data type.

Tax assessment data is typically updated by public records sources on an annual basis. Deed, mortgage and foreclosure data are updated more frequently, as the data are made publicly available. The frequency of the data updates depends on each county providing the information. Some counties work quickly, releasing data a few weeks after the data is recorded in the county office. Smaller and more rural counties may take up to two months to make such data public.

Once the new data is released by a county, it is collected by Black Knight Financial Services (BKFS), RPR’s partner for public records data. Updated data is delivered, integrated with the RPR system and displayed in the RPR platform.

The previous calendar year is most often seen in RPR's tax assessment data, because assessment files are received only once per year, and the counties themselves often run a year behind (i.e. many counties don't produce 2018 assessment data until the last half of 2018 or sometime in 2019). For the most part, this is the nature of the yearly cycle of assessment data.

Note that sometimes a county will stop providing a data type that was previously provided, and this can lead to inaccuracies in what is displayed on RPR.