Why are the tax records from my county, my MLS and on RPR all slightly different?

Tax records from your county, your MLS and RPR could vary due to the timing of data updates. Although all tax data originates from public records, the county can post data to its website weeks or months before it becomes available to the MLS and RPR data providers. Also note that RPR’s data providers convert, maintain and enhance public records using processes and historical files that are proprietary.


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    Linda J. Page

    We are not talking about records that are weeks or months old.  I am talking about tax records from 2009 in 2012. 

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    Janine Sieja - Product Mgt

    Linda, you might consider entering a ticket (follow the "Log a Bug" link from any page of our website) or calling our Help Desk for assistance. We can dig into the specifics of why records might be dated in your specific area. We may be able to resolve this issue or at least give you more information about why you might be seeing 2009 information in your area. I hope we can help you out!