How often are AVMs and RVMs® updated?

The AVM and RVM® estimates that are shown on Search Results and Property Details pages, and in Reports, are updated on a monthly basis. In addition to the current estimate, the change in the past month and the past year are also shown.

The data behind AVM and RVM® estimates comes to RPR from multiple sources (e.g. county public records and MLS listings); the estimates are calculated and posted on RPR once a month, usually updating for most of the country at the same time. The previous month's estimates are typically available midway through the current month.

RVMs, unlike AVMs, include a listing data component in their calculation. These data are also used to generate median estimated value metrics for the various geographies displayed on RPR.

When an MLS first joins RPR, there can be a lag of up to 60 days (although usually a month or less) until the listing data received from the MLS in turn generates RVMs for properties within the MLS.

Some properties will not have an AVM or RVM® in any given month. If there aren’t enough comparable properties, estimates can’t be calculated. This is more pronounced with high-end properties, properties in very rural areas and properties in areas where we don’t have listing data (or much sales activity).