What is the Sales Comparison Analysis?

The Sales Comparison Analysis is a powerful way to evaluate a property using local sales information and comparable listings to produce a detailed record that can be saved or printed. This feature, which is designed for REALTOR® Appraisers, models the kind of in-depth evaluation that is performed in an appraisal and leverages RPR’s nationwide, parcel-centric database. The Sales Comparison Analysis goes into more detail about the subject property and comparable sales as compared to the RPR Comp Analysis, which models a CMA. Many REALTORS® will find this feature useful for creating a CMA, BPO or other detailed valuation analysis.

After selecting the Sales Comparison Analysis option, the user is led through a series of steps to confirm or adjust the factual information about a subject property, and then to search for and select comps. After adjusting and weighting the comparable properties, the user receives a Sales Comparison Analysis Result that summarizes the valuation and range for the subject property. The user can also generate an optional Valuation Workbook, which creates a rich archive of the facts and trends that support the analysis.

The Valuation Workbook is meant to provide an organized format of information to better assist an appraiser with conducting an appraisal. It can be archived, submitted as backup material to a lender or shared with a client. At this time, the Sale Comp Analysis does not have a function that allows automatic input into other software that an appraiser may be using.