How is distressed data used and displayed on RPR?

Updated: 4/17/2014

Distressed residential properties are divided into two broad categories in RPR: Pre-foreclosure and Foreclosure.

Pre-foreclosure properties have been issued a recorded Notice of Default or Notice of Trustee Sale (or an equivalent status; different states use different terminology).

Foreclosure properties have officially been reclaimed by the Lender or Creditor via a recorded Foreclosure Deed or Sheriff's Deed. These properties are identified in RPR Search Results, Property Details pages and Reports with a red "Distressed" label. A property's Distressed status is cleared when a subsequent sale is detected by RPR.

RPR’s distressed property data comes from public records sources where available. Black Knight Financial Service's public records data, which is supplied to RPR, includes information on current and historical foreclosure filings in the highly active foreclosure states of Arizona, California, Nevada, Florida and Colorado. Information related to these filings is found in the Distressed Information section on the Property Details page.