Can I view residential listings?

As a commercial practitioner, you can view residential property listings on RPR if you are a member of an MLS or CIE that has opted to share listing data with RPR and that has residential listings.

An MLS or CIE must be "live" (green status) with RPR in order for listings to be available. You must also enter your MLS or CIE and Agent ID on your profile (this is usually completed during the account creation process) in order to have complete access to listing data. If you change your MLS or CIE or are a member of multiple MLSs or CIEs, you can update your profile anytime by logging in to your account and accessing "Settings and Profile." 

When an MLS or CIE partners with RPR, it chooses its listing permissions; some MLSs and CIEs share listing data on RPR to members of other MLSs and CIEs. If you cannot see listing data in an area because you are not a member of that area's MLS or CIE, or the MLS or CIE does not share data with non-members, you will have access to public record information exclusively.

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