What will I find on the homepage?

There’s much to see and use on the RPR homepage. You'll see a large red rectangle near the top of the Commercial homepage that takes you to three functions:

  • Go to Search
  • Go to Analysis
  • Go to Maps



Below the rectangle, look for these three elements:

  • An area displaying, with links, the searches and reports you have executed recently so that you can easily return to them. When you run a report, it will appear on this list. Click on the link to generate the report. Reports expire after 30 days, so if you are missing one, go to the Reports tab, put in an address or area, and rerun it. “My Recent Activity” provides links to your recent searches or details pages so that you can quickly get back there.
  • A rotating carousel with news and information relevant to RPR users. These change all the time, so check back frequently!
  • A counter that shows the number of commercial properties and listings nationwide currently reflected in RPR.

At the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find a variety of helpful links, including a link to chat with the RPR Customer Support Center.