What will I find on the Commercial Property Details page?

The Property Details page contains a wealth of information about a subject property and its history. The page spotlights key facts about a commercial property—this data comes from CIE or MLS records if the property is For Sale or For Lease, and public records for all properties. The page also includes a map that can be enlarged to view the area surrounding the property, or shaded with a heat-map overlay to see, for instance, the estimated value of the housing stock in the trade area. The price (if for sale or for lease) and property type are also displayed.

Photos are often shown with listed properties. Listings also show details of the listing (features of the property, as supplied by the agent), any price changes and contact information for the listing agent.

Other information shown on the Property Details page:

  1. Owner information, where available
  2. Legal description information from public records sources and, where available, plat maps
  3. Current mortgage records from public records
  4. Tax records from public records
  5. Flood Zones
  6. Distressed information from public records sources, where available
  7. Area schools and their rankings provided by Niche

In addition, you will find a notes field, where you can record information about the property for your own usage, as well as the ability to upload photos. Your notes and photos can be included in reports.

You will also find statistical information about the Trade Area where the property is located, as well as a link to a more detailed page about the Trade Area.  

How do I update the property facts on the Property Details Page?

Standardized property facts for the property have been provided based on public record information or listing data when it applies. The Property Facts section of the Property Details page can be modified by the user if, for instance, the lot size is different from what is reflected on the website. These changes are stored specifically for one user, and if you save the property or run a report, you will see your changes reflected. 

In addition to modifying the facts in the default list that appears for a property, you can also add entirely new facts. For example, if a property has airport access, 10 bathrooms and "fee simple" tenure, you can modify the property record to display these facts. If there are facts you wish to add but do not see them under Property Facts, you can use the drop-down menu at the bottom to either select or enter your own fact.

When you save your changes to a property, the facts you changed or added will appear when you view the Property Details page or when you run a Commercial Property Report for the property. To remove your changes, simply delete your text in the "Your Changes" column or set the toggle to blank, then save, and the property record (and your reports) will no longer show your edits.

Can others see changes that I make to the property facts?

No, other users do not see the changes you make to Property Facts.

Can I add photos to a property or a report?

No, you cannot add photos to a property or a report. But you can add photos to the listing, if it is your listing, and the additional photos will be reflected on RPR.

Can I compare a listing with an earlier listing of a property?

If a previous listing of a property is available via CIE or MLS records, it will be linked from the Property Details page via a red button labeled "Compare Historical Records." You can view historical records on the right hand side of the Property Summary page, under the Listing Agent information section.

Can I view historical photos of a property?

Some properties may have historical photos available via a red button on the Property Details page labeled "View slideshows of all historical photos." This button is located under the slideshow of current photos for the property.