How do I use thematic maps?

Thematic maps are a way to display and explore location-specific data on a map. You can use thematic maps to help understand your target Trade Area and then fine tune your property or location search. Thematic maps allow you to:

  • Explore about 20 different housing, demographic and spending data aspects for people in any part of the country.
  • Use your results to start a search or analysis.



First, choose a geography to search. Then, select from the many available map layers to begin your visual analysis. You can superimpose data (a variety of indicators ranging from median disposable income to the consumption of coffee, and many others) on your map area.




Analysis indicators are shaded at a variety of geographic levels. You can review the areas to find high or low concentrations of your indicator of interest, and you can move on to search for properties within a sub-area of your choosing on the map.