How do I create a report?

Creating a report is one of the best ways to capture RPR's data and analytics for the benefit of your clients. Before you start, make sure your profile information is complete. Go to the My Profile tab and upload your photo and logo, and check your contact information. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Reports generation page. You can do this by clicking the Reports tab visible anywhere on the site, or by following the “Get a Report” link atop any Property Details page.
  2. Select the type of report: Commercial Property Report, Commercial Trade Area Report, Commercial Trade Area Analysis or Commercial Best Businesses Report.
  3. Choose the specific elements you want to include or omit in the report. This is done by opening the “More Detail” link below the name of the report type on the generation page. More instruction about this step is offered below. 
  4. Choose the specific elements you want to include or omit on the report cover. These options are displayed in the right-hand sidebar, below the image of the report cover. You can display your contact information, photo, logo and more. You can show or hide page numbers.
  5. Personalize your report with the name of the recipient and/or a message.
  6. Choose a delivery method. You can display the report as a PDF or email it to yourself or a client (or both).
  7. Agree to the RPR Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  8. Press the red Get Report button.

RPR offers a great deal of flexibility regarding the contents of each report. When you open the “More Detail” link you will see a list of checkboxes and names of report elements. If you’re not sure what’s what, click on the “i” information link for a description of that specific report section.

After you request a report, you will see a popup window showing an estimate of how long the report will take to generate, as well as what number your report is in queue. As long as you do not subsequently receive a message saying that your report has failed, it is generating. (Please note that during times of peak RPR site usage, reports that typically take a few minutes to generate can take longer.) While you are waiting, you can use other areas of the website without hindering the generation of your report. You can also shut down your computer or log off RPR, and your report in the queue will generate and be available for you to open when you return to RPR any time within the next 30 days.

The reports you generate appear in a linked list on the Reports page. They are yellow while generating, blue after they have successfully generated and red if they fail. They remain in the list for 30 days, after which time they are automatically deleted.

If you click on the plus sign shown with each report in the list, you can choose from several options to manage your reports:

  • Rerun the same report or download the report.
  • Resend a report.
  • Delete a report.

You'll also see your most recent reports in a list on your homepage and you can access them directly there.


This page also contains a link to access NAR commercial research reports (above "Step 3, Personalize your report"). This link takes you to NAR's website to view commercial-centric research such as Like-Kind Exchange Survey and Commercial Real Estate Outlook.

Doorbell sound for reports are configurable

When reports are ready, there will be a notification doorbell sound.  The sound can be turned off by the user.



Place your mouse over the bell next to "Reports" and click the bell to change the icon. A pop-up message confirms your change.



Reports On displays a “√” in the bell.



Reports Off displays an “X” in the bell.