How do I use the market analysis tools?

You can access the three market analysis tools from the Go to Analysis link on the homepage or from the Search Tools tab navigation:

1. Where are the right customers for a business? This analysis helps a business owner find the best place to locate using demographic, psychographic and spending data to identify areas with the most target customers for the business. When you use this tool, you will enter information about your desired customer base, and then search a larger geographic area to pinpoint target locations for the business within the larger geography.

Your results will be areas with the best demographic matches for the business. You can view commercial properties in your match areas or further refine your search.



2. What's the best location for a business? Help a business owner find the best place to locate based on an analysis of spending data within a drive time, radius or area. When you use this search tool, you will enter the business type, the way you would like to search (by drive time, radius from a point, or plain geography) and then the larger geographic area to search.

Your results will be the best spots for the business within the general area. You can view commercial properties in your match areas or further refine your search.



3. What's the best retail business for a location? Help a real estate owner determine what business would be appropriate for a given location by looking at the spending data and seeing what business types are underserving the area. You will enter a geographic area and receive results in the form of a chart indicating which business types are over- and underrepresented in your area of interest, helping you separate new business opportunities from saturated business categories in a market.




When using any of these tools, note that RPR is always defaulted to looking for lots of the people the customer wants to find. If you are looking for teenagers, we’ll find places within a Trade Area where there are more teens than the average for the area overall. If you are looking for people with higher-than-average disposable income, Select the Average Disposable Income category, and we’ll show you places where the disposable income is above average, because we’re looking at only the places where the Average Disposable Income is “above average.”

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