What are the points of interest on the map?

More than 20 million business Points of Interest (POIs) in categories such as Retail, Manufacturing and Finance can be chosen and displayed on maps. These POIs can be managed and saved via a map panel that shows the POI categories and nearly 100 subcategories.



Selecting a point of interest on the map pops up basic information about the business at that location: the address, number of employees, annual sales volume, industry and square footage. The points display at zoom level 12 on the map, and work best when the map is zoomed close to street level, especially in urban areas where there are many POIs. You can also "search for listings nearby" this particular POI.




You can select any or all POI categories to display, with a maximum of 500 points showing at a time. If the number of POIs exceeds 500, you will be asked to deselect some categories or zoom in on the map. You can also save your selected categories, allowing the same group of categories to automatically appear the next time you choose the POI option from the map.




POIs display in both the RPR Residential and Commercial websites; a different default collection of categories appears depending on whether you are using the Residential or Commercial map, but all categories are accessible from either version of the map. Choose "Show More POIs" at the bottom of the POI panel to see the full set of options.



POI data is provided by InfoUSA and the U.S. Census and is updated annually.