Drive-Time Search

Drive-Time Search: Finding Airport Proximity in Sarasota, FL

Commercial users say that one of the most useful search features in RPR is the ability to run a Drive Time search to locate listings within a certain drive time from a specific location. In this example, an assistant at a large brokerage is helping a client, the CEO of an expanding technology business in Florida. The CEO needs to open a second office to support its growing clientele, and prefers that the new office be within a 10-minute drive from the Sarasota airport due to frequent travel.

To start, the assistant performs a Listings Only search for Sarasota, FL. (Go to the Homepage > Search Tools tab > Listings Only search > enter Sarasota, FL in search bar) The search yields about 150 listings spread throughout Sarasota. The Search Results page can be shown in List View or Map View; the user will set the page to Map View to run the Drive Time search.

Next, the assistant will zoom in on the map of Sarasota enough to see the airport on the north end of the city and then select the gray Drive Time button from the Map Tools bar above the map. He will click on the map at the airport location and choose the 10-minute option from the map pin dropdown that will appear. The assistant can also search using other timeframes: five, 15, 20 or 30 minutes. The assistant also has the capacity to customize drive-time searches by the day of the week and time of day.  When the search completes, he will see about 90 results. The assistant can save this search, to use again, by pressing the red Save button above the search results. He will give the search a descriptive name, like “Ten Minute Drive from Sarasota Airport,” so the search can easily be found later in the Quick Searches dropdown.

The assistant can narrow the results by showing only Office property type, rather than all the commercial property types. This yields about 15 results in this example. He can also remove Pending and Distressed results if the client isn’t interested in seeing those properties, which brings the results down to about 10 matching properties.

Two example properties that can be further examined are:

The assistant can review the information about each property to determine which ones may be of the most interest to the CEO. For instance, he can use the Property Analysis for Investors link from the Summary tab of the Property Details page to run a detailed income analysis for each property. He can use the map layer dropdowns on the map to visualize trends in the area around the subject property. And then he will generate a Commercial Property Report to help the client take the next step. (Go to the Property Details page > Reports tab > Choose elements > Get Report button.)