Introduction to the iOS mobile application

When you log in to the RPR Mobile App on a phone, you have your choice of three page views as your landing page, or Homepage: the Search Page, the Nearby Properties page, and the Local Market Data page. The one you choose as "default" will be the page you are directed back to when you click on the "home" icon in the upper right-hand corner. The highlighted "house" indicates which page you currently have set as your default. The default for searching for property data "nearby" is a half-mile radius, however, you have the option in settings to adjust that up to a 10-mile radius.




If you log in to the RPR Mobile App on a tablet, these three pages are condensed into one screen with the same search options alongside a map view.



If you want to change your homepage settings, you may do so by clicking on the settings icon  in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. This opens the available options. Click on the selection for the Homepage Settings and you will see the options below to select which Homepage you want as your default. This is also where you will change the radius distance for your search parameters for a "Nearby" search.



On a tablet, the only option here is to set the radius for the "Nearby" search.



From the Homepage on the phone, if you tap on one of the options, such as "For Sale Properties," you will be directed to the "Search Results" showing these properties on the map. You can tap on "List" at the top to see them in list format if you prefer. This works the same for all of the set options on these pages.




From the tablet, if you tap on "For Sale Properties", you will see these properties appear on the map to the right. Again, you can tap on "List" at the top if you prefer.



If you choose to save these search results, you may do so by tapping on the STAR icon at the bottom of the screen on both the phone or tablet. You can also "Sort" or "Filter" these results using the icons below the list.

There are several options for sorting your results from the mobile app, e.g. Days Active in RPR, Proximity, Address, Most Expensive, Least Expensive and other options as shown below.

If you want to see the map view of these results, simply tap on the "Map" icon at the top of the screen. If you slide to the left on a particular property, you will see options of tools you can use for that property, as shown below.




For Commercial Mode 

You can easily switch between Commercial and Residential modes. Before logging into RPR from your mobile device, just swipe the button to your preferred preference as shown below:



Or, once logged into RPR Mobile™, you can switch between modes by going to User Settings from the preferences menu as shown below:



In Commercial and Residential modes, you will find three available home screens. By swiping to the right or left, more home screens appear. First, you have the display of new, active, sold and distressed listings and leases, (based on your preferences from the User Settings).



Second, you can search for properties by specific address, zip code, or CIE/MLS ID. Advanced searches allow for searching by owner name, keywords, parcel numbers and more.



The third home screen provides demographic data for the ZIP code, a handy feature to help you learn essential information about the ZIP code you are working and showcase your skills when helping commercial buyers and sellers. 



Search features work the same way within the commercial mode. However, unlike the residential mode, commercial searches will provide both active (for sale or lease), sold or leased, off market, and distressed properties within a search area.  



At the bottom of each Homepage on the phone, there are three icons :     




Notes: shows recent notes applied to properties

Recent: shows recent activity: reports, properties and searches

Saved: shows favorites broken into two tabs: properties and searches