Can I search for schools on the Mobile app?

You can search for schools, and find properties within a school attendance zone, by selecting the home screen icon as shown below:




You can also search for schools using the "Advanced Search" option after tapping the "Search" icon at the top of the screen. 




You can also access the school search from the main "Search" homepage by tapping on "Advanced Search" and following the same path.




There are three ways to search:

  • The arrow - within five miles of current location
  • "Geography" - by city and ZIP code
  • "School District" - county/state or city/ZIP

If you are searching for a certain type of school, like Elementary, you can deselect the other two school options. By default the search will find all levels of schools in the area you search. Or, you have the option to enter a specific school name if you are looking for data from a particular school. 




If you are using the proximity search to look within five miles of your current location, a map view appears with all the schools in the area. If you tap on one, a description appears at the bottom showing the Great Schools rating along with the grades served and the district it is in. Tap on "List" to see a complete list view of the schools. 





In a list view, you can see a little more information including the address and phone number of the school and a link to get driving directions. Tapping on the "Search this school zone" identifies the active properties within that school zone.




If you choose to search by "Geography" you must enter a city/ZIP combo and select which school type you want to search. You can view the search results either by map view or a list view. With map view, if you choose to move the map to view surrounding areas, the app adjusts your ZIP code accordingly. Note that searching by the "geography" option is geospatial, meaning the search results are based on the proximity of the school to the center of the geography. A School District search (below) is more precise.




The last option, search by "School District," also requires a county/state or city/ZIP combination. Once the list comes up showing the districts in the area, select the "Search this school zone" link, and results populate with all schools within the selected district. This can be viewed by both a map view and a list view. 




With both the "Geography" search and "School District" search, once you locate the schools, tap on "Search this school zone" and you can see all active listings within that area. 

To learn more about the data that you are viewing, tap on the "About schools data" at the bottom of the screen to see a description of the data and where it comes from. 




Once you have completed the school search and have located the data you need, you can run a School Report. To learn more about the School Report, please review the following article:



School search is available exclusively in Residential mode.