How can I upload my own photos? Can I use one as the report cover photo?

Being able to upload your own photos and select a cover photo are features that can be very useful in helping you properly portray a property. To do this, simply bring up the property on your mobile device and tap "Notes" at the bottom of the Property Details page. On the next page, choose "Add Photo." You will be given the option to either take a photo in real time or select one from an existing album on your device. Once photos are selected and uploaded, they will appear in the "Notes" section and labeled with the date and time they were added. 





Once photos are uploaded and posted in the Notes section, you can choose to include them in your reports and can select one as a report cover photo. Note that you cannot rearrange photos once they are uploaded. They are arranged in the order they were loaded. Click on the blue "Edit" link in the upper right above the photos, and a window opens with options. You can add more photos to a grouping, delete photos from the collection, or choose which one will be the cover photo. After you make any changes, be sure to click on "Update" so that the changes are saved. After you have updated, you will be directed back to the Property Details screen where you will see the changes you made.




You may want to document aspects of a home (e.g. property damage or before/after photos) but not want those photos to be published in a report. This can be done by uploading those photos as a separate group. Simply click on "Add a photo" again and upload these photos. Now you will see two groupings labeled with the date and time they were added and you can uncheck the box to "Include in reports" for the ones you want to be excluded from the reports (as shown below). Please note that you cannot pick and choose which photos in a grouping are included in the report, you can only exclude the entire set.





Once you generate your report, the photo you selected will appear on the cover page of the report and the remaining photos from that group will appear at the end of the report in the Notes section. 


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