What are the main features of the Android mobile application?

The RPR Mobile Application shares some of the same features as the RPR website, and also has unique features of its own. 

Logging in: Use the same log-in credentials that you use for the website: email and password.





Welcome Guide: After logging in for the first time, you will see an overview of the features of the mobile application in a 10-page slide show. From this point forward, the Welcome Guide can be found in the Settings from the homepage. To skip this, simply tap on "Close" at the bottom of the screen. 




Homepage: Once you are logged in to the application, you will have your choice of three page views: the Search page, Nearby Properties page and the Local Market Data page. The one you chose as "default" will be the page you are directed back to when you click on the "home" icon in the upper right hand corner. If you selected "no" instead of "yes" for any of the options, that particular page will not appear. The default for property data "nearby" is a half-mile radius, however, you have the option in settings to adjust that up to a 10-mile radius.


Setting_menu_new.jpg          Settings_new.jpg                  


Searching: When searching for properties on the mobile app, you can use any of three primary approaches:

  • Proximity search (default): searches for properties within a radius of ½ mile of your current location and gives you the ability to set a preferred radius up to 10 miles. These results are displayed on the Nearby Properties page by showing you “Properties within” or the number of “For Sale”, “New Listings”, “Recently Sold” or "Distressed" that were populated in the search. If you click to view these, you will see the listed results. If you would like to filter these results, you may do so by tapping the filter icon at the bottom and selecting the options you want to filter by.
  • Location search: allows you to search based on a city, state and ZIP code combination as well as a street name or even a subdivision. This can be done from the Search page. If you type in the subdivision name, you will get search results for that area. If you click on “Map” view, you can expand the results simply by zooming in or out on the map. No need to draw a radius. 
  • Address search: tap on the search bar at the top of the screen on the Search Page and type in your address, click “Search” and the results will populate with the property records. You may also tap on "Advanced Search" and search by APN or owner name.


(You can adjust the search defaults by tapping on the "Change Search Defaults" link on the Search page.)

HP1_new.jpg          HP2.jpg          HP3.jpg          


 Listings: There are three features unique to the app that you can utilize on your mobile device.

  • Calling the listing agent: Call the listing agent directly from your phone by tapping on the “phone” icon in the listing details.
  • Emailing the listing agent: Send an email to the listing agent by tapping on their email address.
  • Driving directions: Retrieve directions to the property from where you are by tapping on the “car” icon on the listing details map. 
  • Directions: The agent's description of the property displays here. For those properties which include a virtual tour link, the link displays beneath the description field.






 Email2.png     Email.jpg     Email_agent.jpg



 Directions.png     Directions2.jpg


Reports: The app generates reports in the same manner as the website. Once a report is completed on a mobile device, you can view it online through the website. The same goes in reverse. If you generate a report for a particular property on the website that is saved, you can view this report through your device. Once the report is complete, you can view it right there on your device or you can have it sent directly to your client by choosing the email option.

Reports can also be shared to Facebook, and you can learn more about that here: http://support.narrpr.com/hc/en-us/articles/213800448-Can-I-share-my-reports-on-social-media-

The reports option can be found at the bottom of the screen via a pop-up that appears while viewing the property details. Once you tap on "Reports," you will be taken to a screen that shows you any previously generated reports and a link to "Add a Report." You will then choose which report type, and what data you want to include. If you want more details on the data, you can tap on the "About This Data" link at the bottom of the screen. The final step is to choose a method of delivery. You can choose download or email and even cc to yourself. You can also include notes that will appear on the cover page as they do when you generate a report through the website. Once you click "Get Report" a window will open that will state your report is generating. 

Although you cannot perform a Comp Analysis on a property in the mobile app, a Comp Analysis generated on the website for a particular property will appear in the report generated on the mobile app.


Droid_report_1.jpg  Droid_report_2.jpg  Droid_report_3.jpg  Droid_report_4.jpg 

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