How can I search using the map on Android?

When you are searching using the map, you can click on the Draw button and use your finger to draw an outline on your screen of the area you want to search. You can draw a circle, polygon or even a line (allowing you to search along a road or other corridor). You will see search results within the area you drew. 


Droid_map_draw.jpg                    Droid_map_drawing_.jpg


If you are not sufficiently zoomed in to initiate a drawing search, the app will zoom you in before you start drawing. 

If you want to save the results to easily access them at a later time, tap on the Save button and the results will be saved and appear in your Saved Searches list. 


Droid_map_drawing_2.jpg                    Droid_map_drawing_3.jpg


Refresh Search

If you need to redo a search after zooming in or out on a map, it’s no problem with the Redo Search function. For example, after executing a search, you may find that you need to zoom in to see more details. You may also need to zoom out to find additional properties. With the Redo Search option, you can quickly do a new search in the area of your choice.   

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