How does the mobile application differ from the RPR website?

The mobile app mirrors the data available on the RPR website, although the amount or extent of data shown may differ on the app and whether your are in residential or commercial mode:

Residential Mode

New Listings: The mobile app shows new listings in a "nearby search" that have been listed within the past 14 days, whereas the website shows the past 21 days. 

Distressed: The mobile app shows distressed properties that are active listings whereas the website may show Distressed properties that are off-market.

Searching for properties is one of the most widely used resources on both the website and the mobile app. The main concept of the mobile app is to show you data for properties that are "nearby" to where your current position is. This is the intent of the Homepage you see once you are logged in to the application. With settings at default, all of the properties provided to you are within a half-mile radius of your current location. You have the ability to adjust that through the settings menu and changing the radius distance up to a maximum of 10 miles. You can also select which page is your default homepage from the Search PageNearby Properties or Local Market Data. When you click on the home link, this will be the page you are directed back to.


 iOS:                                                                                     ANDROID:




You can upload your own photo or photos to appear in your reports as well as in the Property Details page on the website. This photo will only be visible to you, the user that uploaded it. If you want to see the full view, just click on the blue box with the "Edit" link in the upper right hand corner. 




You can also upload voice notes about a property, for instance if you want to record your impressions of a property as you visit it. These notes are saved with the property.

When searching, you can search using the same criteria as you do on the website. The Search page allows you to view properties with a specified radius of your current location or enter a property address, city, state and ZIP code, or click on Advanced Search and search by owner name or APN.


iOS:                                                                                       ANDROID:



Reports can be generated and emailed using the mobile app, however, you cannot complete a Comp Analysis. In the report, it will show that no comps were chosen for the analysis.


iOS:                                                                                       ANDROID:



Commercial Mode

You can easily switch between Commercial and Residential modes. Before logging into RPR from your mobile device, just swipe the button to your preferred preference as shown below:



Or, once logged into RPR Mobile™, you can switch between modes by going to User Settings from the preferences menu as shown below:



In Commercial and Residential modes, you will find three available home screens. By swiping to the right or left, more home screens appear. First, you have the display of new, active, sold and distressed listings and leases, (based on your preferences from the User Settings).



Second, you can search for properties by specific address, zip code, or CIE/MLS ID. Advanced searches allow for searching by owner name, keywords, parcel numbers and more.



The third home screen provides demographic data for the ZIP code, a handy feature to help you learn essential information about the ZIP code you are working and showcase your skills when helping commercial buyers and sellers. 



Search features work the same way within the commercial mode. However, unlike the residential mode, commercial searches will provide both active (for sale or lease), sold or leased, off market, and distressed properties within a search area.  



New Listings or Leases: The mobile app shows new commercial listings in a "nearby search" that have been listed for sale or lease within the past 60 days. 

Recently Sold or Leased: The mobile app shows commercial listings or leases in a "nearby search" that have been sold or leased within the past 270 days. 


Distressed: The mobile app shows distressed off-market properties.

Commercial reports allow you to create professional, comprehensive information to clients and customers from your mobile phone. The Commercial Property Report, Trade Area and Best Businesses reports are all available from Commercial mode.


Finally, you will notice that unimproved land listed for sale, pending and sold parcels in your MLS will show up in both Residential and Commercial modes within your chosen searches.



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    Jim Pedicord

    If there was a variation of this app that could be given to customers/prospects/clients but "locked in" to us as agents so that we get the lead whenever they "hit" on a property, it would be fabulous.  With all of the location-based apps I've seen (including the RE/MAX mobile app), the user can be lost to other agents even if the app shows one individual as the contact point.  What I want is for the app to be "MY APP", not a public or franchise's app.


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    Susan Mortensen

    Hi Jim!

    Thank you! We appreciate any and all feedback regarding our NEW mobile application. Because we are not a consumer-facing website, we can not implement what you are asking for, however, we do suggest using our reports to help communicate with your clients. We are excited that you find the tool very helpful in your day-to-day business activities!

    Thank you for contacting RPR!