How do I manage my mobile devices via my RPR profile page?

When logged in to the RPR website on a computer, you can visit the Profile tab and manage your mobile devices for both iOS and Android. Your selections control your RPR mobile app access. 

Shown below is how this information will appear on the Profile tab:



In this example, the user has multiple devices set up to use the RPR mobile app. Any device that has been used previously to access the RPR mobile app will also appear in the list and can be reactivated. You can delete any device no longer being used, or just uncheck it to temporarily eliminate it as an option. You can have a maximum of three devices active at a time.

You can also update the log-in period for all devices at once by clicking on "Update All Devices," which will reset to a full three months of being logged in on the selected devices. This eliminates the need to log in to RPR each time the app is accessed from a mobile device.