How do I search for a property using keywords?

You can refine your For Sale searches by using the Keyword Search feature found in the secondary Advanced Search form. The keywords entered in this box are run against the main listing description field that is entered by the listing agent, as well as listing data entered for neighborhood, address zone (zoning), address area (MLS area), exterior style, exterior water features, listing subtype and MLS subtype. 

Choose a single keyword to search, for instance "waterfront," and see all properties containing this word in the listing description or exterior water features. Or try entering "lake" and "view" as separate words, which returns all properties that use either word. Typing in "lake" and "view" as a single phrase (type both words in the entry field, then click "add") returns all properties that use the phrase "lake view." 

Here's another example. Suppose you have a customer or client who only wants to look at “brick” homes. Add “brick” in the keywords search, and receive results for all brick homes within the area selected. The results are populated based on brick listed in the exterior style description field. 

You can also search for a combination of keywords, up to six choices, and you will see all results that have one, some or all of the keywords you selected. The search results are not ranked by the number of matches; your results will remain sorted in the order you have previously selected, such as Recently Updated.

There may be areas where keywords will not provide results if the listing information on the property is not provided by the listing MLS. Also, special characters such as hyphens are not supported in the search. 

Please note that you should clear your keywords when your search is completed unless you want the keywords to carry over to your next search. 



Keyword Search can also be utilized within the Comp Analysis workflow when searching for comparable properties and also extends to "Recently Sold" properties. Same rules apply here. 




Keyword searching is also offered along with the filters on the Search Results page, to apply to any For Sale search. Keyword entry occurs at the bottom of the left-hand column.

Note that it's helpful to know the keywords commonly used in your MLS for the specific search fields, because keyword searching is based on MLS data.

This feature works in both residential and commercial RPR, and is available as an option in RPR Mobile.

Keyword search for Public records

RPR’s keyword search feature is an essential tool for locating specific properties using terms common in your MLS data. You now have the ability to search for properties using terms available in your local public records. You can search for properties using information including zoning, pool, legal subdivision name and land-use types (property subtypes).




This feature provides tremendous opportunities for locating properties within your marketplace for clients. To access the function, go to the “All Properties” search menu as shown below:




When you need to search for a specific type of property in your area, the extended keyword search is easy, fast, and a great way to uncover additional business for your real estate career.