FAQs for the RPR Mobile App - iOS phone

  1. Can anyone install the RPR mobile app?

Anyone can install the mobile app, however, you must have an RPR account in order to log in and use the app, and you must be an active member of the National Association of REALTORS® in order to obtain an account. 


  1. Is there a fee for this app?

There is no fee for downloading the mobile app. Login and usage of the app are dependent on your status with NAR. The RPR website and app are member benefits of NAR.  


  1. What devices and software work best with the mobile app?

Apple users must have an iPhone 4 or newer and be running iOS 8.1 or above.


  1. Are the mobile and tablet apps different?

The app is customized for each type of device. The iOS app you install from the App Store will adapt for optimal performance on your phone or tablet.


  1. Can I use the app without Location Services enabled?

The mobile app’s functionality is limited without Location Services. Homepage statistics and searches do not work properly when the user’s location is not known. For best results without Location Services enabled, enter a City, State and ZIP code in your search criteria.


  1. Will I see the same data in the mobile app as I do on the website?

The data is the same on the website and in the app, but the data may display differently on the mobile app. New Listings in the mobile app display properties listed in the past 14 days whereas the website goes back 21 days. The mobile app shows Distressed properties that are active listings whereas the website may show Distressed properties that are off-market. In both the mobile app and on the website, Recently Sold properties are those sold in the past nine months.


  1. If I generate a report on the mobile app, will I see it when I log in to the website?

Yes, your account on the website is linked to the mobile app, so if you search, generate a report or make refinements to a property, these will all appear the next time you log in to the website, and vice versa.  


  1. If I generate a report on an iPhone and send it to someone who opens it on an iPad, will it look the same?

Reports are generated in a PDF file, so regardless of which device it is created on, the file looks the same when opened on any other device. 


  1. What area does the proximity search cover? 

The default search is a half-mile radius around the location of the user. You can change the size of the radius in the “Homepage Settings” menu.


  1. What are AVMs and RVM®s?

A property’s estimated home value is generated by a specialized computer program called an AVM, or Automated Valuation Model, that assembles public property records and proprietary data. (A valuation is not an appraisal.) AVM estimates are shown on Search Results and Property Details pages, and in Reports. AVM estimates are available for single-family residences and condominiums.

The RVM®, or Realtors Valuation Model®, is a property estimate that factors in MLS listing, sales and off-market data to yield a high-quality automated home valuation. RVM®s are displayed only when certain criteria for an accurate result are fulfilled, such as sufficient comparable MLS listing data. The data used to produce an RVM® is fully authorized for this purpose by each MLS that licenses data to RPR. When an RVM® cannot be generated, RPR displays an AVM in its place.


  1. What is an AVM or RVM® Confidence Score?

An AVM or RVM® Confidence Score is a value between zero and five stars that indicates the quality of the underlying data that is used to generate a property estimate. High confidence scores indicate that the data used to produce the estimated value was richer and more consistent than when the confidence score is lower.


  1. Can I create a CMA on the mobile app?

Creating a CMA is not yet a feature of the mobile app. You can, however, create a Comp Analysis for a particular property using the website, and the analysis will appear in a report that is generated via the mobile app. 


  1. Can I see the broker data tool, or the MLS and Association Dashboard on the mobile app?

The broker data tool and the MLS and Association Dashboard are available exclusively on the website.


  1. How do I get help using the app?

If you need assistance with any of the features within the mobile app, you may call our Customer Support 24/7 at 877-977-7576 or email support@narrpr.com