What is the Market Data Tool for brokers?

RPR's Market Data Tool gives brokers the ability to quickly create, view, email and print reports that communicate their company's performance in relation to listing and sales activities at the company, brand and office levels. The system also allows brokers to configure reports to be run and delivered every month.

A broker or staff member can generate reports by using an existing template (a sample is loaded for everyone), or by selecting charts individually: 



More than 100 charts are available within the Market Data Tool, including commonly published metrics such as Active Listings, Pending Sales, Closed Sales, Months of Inventory, Absorption Rate, and Distressed Listings and Sales. The system also allows users to compare their company's performance against user-defined markets, such as all listing and sales activities in ZIPs, cities, counties and more. And the user can define custom timeframes to display the metrics, such as the past three months, six months or 13 months. In addition, the user can define custom geographic areas for reports. 

After choosing the report content, the broker can view the charts, preview the report or produce the report, which is a pdf that can be emailed to a third party or downloaded by the broker. 

The charts in the report compare current and previous year performance month by month, with an inset metric on many charts summarizing three years of performance: 


Other elements of the Market Data report include:

  • A customizable cover with broker information and characteristics of the report, for instance the date it was run and the date range of the content. 
  • On the first page, an executive summary of the metrics shown in the report. 
  • An appendix explaining any filters or comparisons used in the report. 

The data shown in the charts is calculated at month-end. Complete data for the completed month is generally available by the third day of the current month. Until that time, you may see partial data or no data for the previous month.

Six listing and sales activity data tables are available to include in reports, and brokers may also export this data as a .csv file. The data tables and export function help brokers see the aggregated numbers behind the visuals. 

Brokers interested in implementing the tool for their company can find registration information here: http://blog.narrpr.com/broker/enroll/.