Can I share my reports on social media?

After you generate a report, you may want to share it on a social media platform such as Facebook. This can be done within the website and the mobile application.

Using the website, locate the report you wish to share under "My Reports" and click on the orange icon with the plus sign.



This will open a new window giving you options of "Things you can do with this report," which includes downloading, rerunning, deleting or sharing your report to Facebook.



For real estate agents located within a "non-disclosure" state, a new message will appear warning the user about sharing information that could be in conflict or in violation of your state or local real estate laws. 



Notice you do have the option to check the box, “Don’t show this message again,” to avoid future pop up reminders.

After clicking "Share on Facebook," a Facebook dialog box appears. Here you can add comments, select where you would like to post the report, and specify who can actually see the post. 




From the RPR Mobile™ application, the same can be done by going to your reports under "Recent Activity" and tapping on "share" for the report you want to use. You need to have the Facebook app installed on your device in order for the Facebook option to appear.




When the option to share the report is selected, a Facebook dialogue box opens up and here you can enter additional comments, select the location you are posting from, and specify which audience will see the shared post. 




The posted report link will remain active for 30 days. Anyone clicking on the link after 30 days will see a pop-up that informs them of the expired link. 

Another way of sharing the report is by copying and pasting the URL into a Facebook or other social media post, or within the body of an email. This can be found by right-clicking on the report title and selecting "Copy link address." Then simply paste the address into the desired location. You can also click and drag the report URL, which will keep the address or name of the generated report as the visible hyperlink to the report itself. Again, these links are good for 30 days.