Release Notes: December 2015

v1.46 - RPR website and RPR Mobile™ for iOS/Android tablet and phone  

Released December 8, 2015

The latest release of Realtors Property Resource® introduces the ability to share RPR reports to social media such as Facebook, the addition of Points of Interest (POIs) on maps on the Residential website—plus a fresh load of data and POI controls on the Commercial website—as well as a Google Street View of properties.


RPR Residential

Report Integration with Facebook

You can now share any report directly to Facebook. Within the “Things you can do with this report” option on the reports page of the website, the option to “Share on Facebook” has been added. When you choose to share the report, a Facebook dialogue box opens and includes the name and description of the report, along with an image showing the cover page of the report. You can enter additional comments, specify the audience to see the report (everyone, specific people or a group), and specify where the report will be posted (on their own timeline, another’s timeline or a group’s timeline). The posted report link will remain active for 30 days.



Sharing of Report Links

Report links can now be copied directly from the Report generation page of the website. Simply right click on the report, select “copy link address” and then paste it into an email or online document. Reports remain available via this link for 30 days.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest (POIs) have been added to Residential and refreshed in Commercial. You can view POIs for an area from any large map within RPR by selecting the POI button on the large version of the map shown on the Search, Property Details or Search Results page.

POIs are categorized to help you locate notable businesses within an area or near a property. You can select any or all categories to display, with a maximum of 500 POIs displaying. If the number of POIs exceeds 500, you will need to deselect some categories or zoom in on the map. You can also save your selected categories, allowing the same group of categories to automatically appear the next time you choose the POI option from the map.

All POI categories are available within Residential and Commercial. To view Commercial-oriented POI categories such as X or Y while in the Residential website, click on “Show More POIs.” The same can be done to view Residential-oriented POIs, like Y or Z, while in the Commercial site. You can view the available details of the business by clicking on the icon. The details may include the name of the business, the industry the business operates within, the number of employees, the annual sales volume, the square footage of the business and the year the business opened.

There are more than 20 million POIs available. POIs are collected from the U.S. Census Bureau and InfoUSA, and are updated annually. The individual business determines the industry or industries in which the business operates. POIs are not displayed in reports.




Google Street View

An option to see a Google Street View image has been added to the Property Details page. When Google Street View is available for a property, you can toggle between the street view, the overhead view and the listing photo view. The street view image includes a 360‐degree view of the property, giving you the interactive experience of standing in front of a property, as well as the ability to view properties moving down the street with the arrows. This image does not appear on reports.

*The same feature will be coming soon to RPR Mobile™ for iOS



RPR Commercial

Search/Sort/Filter Enhancements for Lease Search

New “For Lease” search features have been added to the Commercial website, allowing you to search by suite size and sort the results. The search capabilities can be found within the Advanced Search as well as within the filters on the left side when search results are returned.


Points of Interest

The Points of Interest for the Commercial website have been refreshed to reflect current data and improved controls for displaying the data on the map.


RPR Mobile™

Report Integration with Facebook

Several new features released on the RPR website are also available on RPR Mobile.

  • Reports can be shared to social media, such as Facebook. 
  • The Google Street View image is displayed on the Property Details screen.
  • A Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) photo selector allows users to toggle between SD and HD photos where HD photos are available. 


In addition, new User Settings options allow the user to define Recently Sold as sold within the past 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 days, and to override their actual location and instead view homepage data (For Sale, Sold, New Listings, etc.) for any chosen location.


What we’re working on

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come:

  • Keyword Search
  • Residential “For Lease” Search
  • More one-page Report options
  • Enhancements to the “Refined Value” feature

If you want more help finding or using anything in RPR, please visit, where we have registration for upcoming webinars and on-demand learning opportunities.

And in case you want a list of these enhancements to review later, a PDF version of these Release Notes is attached at the end of this article.

For more detail and support, contact our 24/7 Help Desk at 877-977-7576. We also welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (click the “Live chat” link on any page) or by calling the Help Desk.

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