Release Notes: March 2016

v1.48 - RPR website and RPR Mobile™ for iOS/Android tablet and phone

Released March 15, 2016

The latest release of Realtors Property Resource® adds a new data source for school information, integrates with an improved analysis tool for property investors, and features 2015 demographic and population data for commercial market analysis and Economic Area Reports. 


RPR Residential

Additional schools data source

In addition to listing-sourced school information available for a property, RPR now displays school information based on enrollment zones on the Property Details page and reports. This helps users examining off-market properties understand which schools are assumed for a home, as well as to offer a comparison point to the school data entered by a listing agent.

Within the Schools section on the Summary tab, schools “based on location” (derived from school boundaries) are displayed. Elementary, Middle, High School and District names are shown as available. The schools displayed here may or may not match the schools provided “from listing data” in the same section. Schools “from listing data” are supplied by the listing agent. Both sets of school information appear within reports in the Schools section.

The new schools data is sourced from Maponics, which provides neighborhood and other geographic boundaries to RPR.



A related enhancement lets a user choose a school when creating a School Report from a property. If the user selects School Report from the report generation page, a prompt asks the user to select a school that is provided within the Schools section for the property. Any school that appears as a URL will be available in the list to select.

Integration with new real estate investment tool

Valuate®, a real estate investment tool provided by Real Estate Financial Modeling, replaces eRealInvestor as an integration from the Property Details page to help users determine whether a property is a good purchase candidate. Valuate serves both commercial and residential practitioners, with sophisticated features for experienced investors as well as basic functions for beginners.

Valuate is accessed from the existing “Property Analysis for Investors” link on the Property Details page for commercial and residential properties and functions the same way for both kinds of properties. The navigation path includes an optional instructional video.

The user lands on a “Quick Load” screen that requires entry of two numbers: estimated gross revenue and operating expenses. Users can also edit other fields on the Quick Load page if desired. Some information, like purchase price, will be pre-populated from the Property Details page.



After pressing "Submit," the user arrives at a results screen (“Unlevered Analysis”), which presents analysis outcomes such as net operating income, cash flow and unlevered income return.



The casual user may find this to be the right stopping point, while more advanced users may make additional adjustments and entries, and then view updated results. Users can share, save and export the analysis.

Learn more about using Valuate in RPR's Knowledge Base article.

Valuate also offers a Knowledge Base with more details. 

Other feature updates:

  • Users can fill out Seller’s Proceeds information within the Property Details page using a link in the Notes and Photos section. Seller's Proceeds can be printed as a stand-alone report or included within a Seller’s Report. Users can enter two scenarios including a sales price, encumbrances (loan amounts), commissions and closing costs to determine the net proceeds going to the seller’s. 
  • Branded users can control their office profile information, including the street address, city, state and ZIP code. If a user has entered office address information into their office profile that does not match the office information provided by the Broker, users will see a link that allows them to use the information provided by the Broker. This does not impact the branding of the user, the company/office name that appears on reports or any phone numbers, emails or website addresses.


RPR Commercial

Esri 2015 data refresh

Commercial users will find new spending statistics and 2015 demographic and population data that improve the breadth and accuracy of our Market Analysis workflows and Trade Area details. All population and demographic statistics are updated, including population growth rates to 2010-2015 data and population projections to 2020 data.

In addition, we have added data sets to help you pinpoint areas where your target audience lives:

  • Personal finance and net worth data
  • Health care spending data 
  • Test preparation and tutoring spending data
  • Vacation home spending data

Thematic maps data and retail marketplace data (used to determine where new businesses are needed or not needed) have also been refreshed.



Google Street View 

Google Street View is provided for all commercial properties where available. When a property is listed, the main photo of the listing appears as the default. When a property is not listed, the Google Street View image is the default photo. Google Street View images provide a panoramic view of the property and the surrounding area as if the user is standing in front of the property.



MLS and Association Dashboards

Legislative district updates for local Economic Area Report

State Legislative District boundaries have been updated with 2015 information. The updates cover some districts in some states, including:

  • Maryland State Senate and State Assembly 
  • New York State Senate and State Assembly


RPR Mobile™

Keyword search for filtering properties

Keyword Search, which allows users to filter properties, is an option in the Advanced Search menu. Users can enter up to six keywords to their search.



Custom names for saved searches and properties

Users can add their own description of a saved search or saved property, and edit or reset the name. When saving a search or a property, users are prompted to add a custom name and save the property (or search area) with that name, or to save the property using the address (or search area). When viewing saved properties or searches, the custom name is shown along with an edit option to rename the property (search) or remove the custom name.



Property Flyer formatting supported

Mobile users can make simple text formatting changes—like bold or italics—for the description on a Property Flyer.


What we’re working on:

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come:

  • Next generation of Market Data tool for MLSs and Associations
  • Integration with zipForm for transaction management
  • Residential lease search
  • Keyword search for Commercial
  • Feature Search (Neighborhood, Address Zone, Address Area, Exterior Style, Exterior Water Features, Listing Subtype, MLS Subtype)
  • Auto-suggest enhancement- website will return potential property matches rather than a place match
  • Larger fields for Agent Remarks and Showing Instructions on the Property Details page.                        

If you want more help finding or using anything in RPR, please visit, where we have registration for upcoming webinars and on-demand learning opportunities.

A PDF version of these Release Notes is attached at the end of this article.

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