How can I locate a homeowner's mailing address?

Although RPR does not provide the ability to print mailing labels for homeowners in subdivisions or specific marketing areas, you can still use RPR as a useful resource to locate an owner's correct mailing address.

For example, suppose you want to farm a geographical area or subdivision in your marketplace. Under the Homeowner Facts section from the Summary tab of the Property Details page, you will find the mailing address of the homeowner. The information comes from the public records.



This procedure requires research, but over time, you should be able to develop an accurate database of homes in your farm area, as well as the owner's name and correct mailing address for where to send your correspondence. After all, if you plan to spend your hard-earned money on sending marketing materials to a farm area, you should make sure your mailings arrive at the homeowner, and not the tenant.

Don't forget, the mobile app is an excellent resource for discovering the owner of property, and if the property address is also their mailing address. The next time you're out in your community and spot a vacant home, use your RPR Mobile app to learn more about the property, and how you can contact the property owners for a possible listing.


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