What is the zipForm® integration?

Are you using (or thinking about using) zipForm® as a method to complete your real estate contracts and forms as a real estate professional? If so, and you subscribe to the zipForm® software application, you have the advantage of linking your RPR and zipForm® accounts. This integration allows select public records data fields from RPR to flow directly into many of the forms you might use in zipForm®.

When you initiate a new zipForm® from RPR, a transaction is started for you inside your zipForm® account.




Once your accounts RPR and zipForm® accounts are connected, you have several options from within RPR's Property Details page: 


  • Go to the RPR homepage
  • Find out more about the zipForm® and RPR integration
  • Go to specific transactions for that property address in zipForm®
  • Start a new transaction with the street address you have pulled up in RPR

New transactions default to the street address name, however, a user can log into zipForm® and change the folder name at a later time, to help with organization, naming files and avoiding duplication. 

zipForm® Mapped Data Fields 

Many zipForm® fields auto-fill with public records data from RPR. (See a complete list of fields configured to move from RPR® to zipForm® below.) It is also important to know that Listing Data is NOT passed to zipForm®, and again, NOT every field in RPR automatically populates to zipForm®. 

Finally, you do have the ability to move between the RPR and zipForm® programs. When you leave zipForm® to return to RPR, a new tab in your web browser opens, and vice versa, a new tab also opens when you start a new transaction from RPR with the zipForm® integration. The integration between zipForm® and RPR will help save you time and effort when preparing your next sales form.

Public records fields that may be auto-filled from RPR into zipForm®

  • Property Street Address
  • Property City Name
  • Property State
  • Property ZIP Code
  • FIPS
  • Tax Account Number
  • County
  • Legal Brief Description Full
  • APN
  • Legal Subdivision Name
  • Year Built
  • Current Owner Name
  • Current Owner Mail Street Address
  • Current Owner Mailing City
  • Current Owner Mailing State
  • Current Owner Mailing Zip
  • Legal Lot Number
  • Legal Unit
  • Legal City Township Municipality
  • Legal Block
  • Recorders Book Number From Assessment
  • Recorders Page Number From Assessment