How do I use SentriLock to view Property Details in RPR?

If you use the SentriLock application in the field, you have the ability to view the RPR property record from your mobile phone whenever you open a lockbox. This integration will allow you to have property information RPR provides in the palm of your hand during each and every showing appointment.

Step #1

Users open their SentriLock app from their mobile phone. SentriLock's GPS integration determines any available lockboxes in the area as shown below:


The closest listing (the property you are showing) should display at the top of the list of available lockboxes within your current area.

Step #2

Press the property address for the lockbox you wish to open as shown below:



Step #3

Press the “Open Key Compartment” button from the SentriLock app:




Add your SentriLock PIN number to access the box:



You will be given the following prompt on your mobile phone:



Step #5

Select RPR for your Listing Detail Integration, and the RPR Mobile app will open up on your mobile phone (provided you have downloaded the app), displaying the property record from RPR for the property you are showing.

Please note, the integration is for SentriLock users through RPR, and is available exclusively in Residential mode.