Release Notes: July 2016

v1.52 - RPR website and RPR Mobile™ for iOS/Android tablet and phone

Released August 2, 2016

The latest release of Realtors Property Resource® makes the Sales Comp Analysis workflow and the Seller's Proceeds worksheet friendlier to users, improves the Refined Value feature, and adds the display of residential lease data in some markets. To learn about all of the RPR updates and details, continue reading.

RPR Residential

Leasing details added to property summary

Members of MLS’s that provide leases and lease information to RPR will see lease details included in the Summary section of the Property Details page when a property is For Sale as well as available for lease. The lease information includes key facts such as the lease price, whether the property is furnished and whether the property is pet-friendly. The data provided varies by MLS.

The graphic below shows how this update benefits REALTORS® and MLSs who are utilizing a "for lease" option in their property data.




Custom Facts, Property Summary

RPR users can add custom Home Facts to the Property Details summary tab, an excellent way to show your commitment to detail when working with buyers and sellers. For example, if you would like to include a notation about a home's proximity to a park, simply add a new row to the Home Facts section, include the remarks, and the custom facts are included with your report! The graphic below shows an example of this custom fact included for this property.




Sales Comp Analysis – Choose public record or listing record

If you’re using the Sales Comp Analysis workflow, you can choose to include the public or the listing record stored in RPR for the comps you include with your report. This is a great new addition, especially if the public record provides more facts and details about the comp you have chosen for your analysis, and vice versa.



Sales Comp Analysis – Explanation of new weighting comps

When using the sales comparison approach, you now have more detailed knowledge when adjusting your comps weighting. Previously when using this option, the user had no information of the “type” of comp during the weighting. Now you can easily tell whether your comps are off-market, for sale or sold. This will help save time. You can see the previous version and our upgraded enhancement below.



Sales comparison users can also provide a price range for the subject property when entering an estimation of value, as shown below.



Seller's Report  Seller's Proceeds now auto-calculating

Many of you have requested that our Seller's Proceeds worksheet auto-calculate the numbers included with the form. Good news, your requests have been granted, and you can now easily construct a seller’s net sheet for inclusion with your RPR reports, and yes, everything auto-calculates! The graphic below shows how the seller’s net sheet works.




Seller’s Report – 4 or 8 comps, comparisons options

When generating a Seller’s Report in RPR, you can choose how many comparisons to include with your report, four or eight properties. You will find this option under the report details for the Seller's Report on the report generation page.


Refined Value's “other” home improvement now depreciated

A top feature many REALTORS® have appreciated and enjoyed about RPR® is the ability to use the “refined value,” tool for including seller’s home improvements to their real estate. In the past, if you included a home improvement that was not listed in the available choices, e.g. "other," the amount of the home improvement remained fixed, and no deduction for depreciation was granted. With the latest update from RPR, when there is no available choice for a home improvement through the drop-down menu, and the user chooses “other,” RPR will depreciate the item over a 20-year period. Also, the description field for the "other" category has been expanded to include up to 200 characters.


RPR Mobile™

Android updates for custom text

Android users can customize the Headline and body of text for reports sent to consumers. The next time you are out of the office, and need to send a report to a client or customer, you can change the headline, customize the text, bold or italicize words or sentences right from your mobile phone. This feature has been available for iOS users, and again, through this current RPR release, Android users can enjoy this excellent feature.  Also, the available number of characters have also been increased to 250 characters, up from 175.



What we’re working on

As always, we have lots of new and exciting upgrades and enhancements we're working on with RPR, so check back often to discover more.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few items we're currently working on:

  • Commercial Mobile/Tablet application
  • Residential Lease search
  • User-generated page insertion in reports
  • Traffic Counts
  • RealtyTrac distressed data


A PDF version of these Release Notes is attached at the end of this article.

For more detail and support, contact our 24/7 Customer Support Center at 877-977-7576. We also welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (click the “Live chat” link on any page) or by calling the Customer Support Center.

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