Release Notes: April 2018

v1.69 - RPR website and RPR Mobile™ for iOS/Android mobile

Released April 10, 2018


RPR has added many new features to assist you in producing high-quality, accurate reports for your clients. In this release, we've expanded our Commercial Market Analysis offerings and have completed extensive data refreshes. In addition, the RPR mobile apps have several enhancements including improved 3D Touch functions.

RPR Website

RPR runs on data, the data vital to the reports you use with your clients, and within this release more 1 billion data points have been updated. You'll find new flood zone data, Points of Interest (POIs) and Esri market data on the website.

FEMA flood data: Flood zone maps have been updated with the latest information available. This update is provided by FEMA annually, and this year's update includes 100 percent coverage in more than 20 counties that had zero or less than 1 percent coverage. RPR displays FEMA flood zone data in 90 percent of U.S. counties.




POI data: More than 13 million POIs (residential and commercial) have been updated with this release. POIs include neighborhood amenities and businesses. Interactive map pins provide you with information such as business name, address, number of employees, sales volume, industry, building square footage and more!




Esri market data: Demographic and market analysis data have been refreshed with 2017 information. This means you have the most accurate information when performing a market analysis and generating Trade Area Reports. Plus, you can see current trends and track specific household data using the thematic overlays RPR provides. For association and government affairs users, it means you have the best statistical data when creating local or federal Economic Area Reports for your constituents. (See more detail about new Esri data below.) 



New search helps you find tenants by business or owner name

Over the last several releases RPR has added new features in relation to commercial tenant information, from displaying the data, to printing it, to expanding the data set, and now making it searchable. With this release you can search for tenants in an area; simply type in the tenant name and RPR will match return matches for both owner name and business name.




Search by entering the name of the tenant, which can be an owner or business name.




Click on the property to expand the details. Notice the Owner name is not “ford.”




Expanded the details section to see all available property facts and the name of the business, in this case, “Tuttle Click Ford.”


Spending and demographic indicators added to Market Analysis

Additional demographic and spending data have been added to the Market Analysis tools. If you want to target your marketing to people with a certain level of financial assets or particular real estate debt levels, for instance, you can find them using this analysis within RPR.




Under the “Who They Are,” select one of the five Personal Finance attributes: Financial Assets, Income, Real Estate Debt, Vehicle Debt or Other Debt.




Real Estate Debt has several attributes, including Purchase Price of Property, Original Mortgage Amount, Home Equity and Purchase Price Vacation Home. If you want to target an area where residents have high levels of equity in their homes, pull a Purchase Price of Property report and compare that to the median home price derived from RPR.



Other debt attributes includes credit card debt and student loan debt. Want to target first time home buyers? Use demographic tools within RPR to look for areas with a high population of renters and overlay that information with low student loan debt.


RPR Mobile™

Mobile is becoming central to the RPR experience since you use mobile more and more in your daily life. A few changes to the mobile applications are within this release; one is the use of 3D Touch. If you have enabled 3D Touch on your phone, perform a long touch-and-hold and a menu appears.




The menu provides shortcuts to frequently used items such as Saved Searches, Recent Reports and My Listings. The “This Property” feature displays the nearest on-market listing, and with this release, this feature displays off-market properties as well. This is a time-saving feature. Now you no longer have to create a search to find information on the off-market property across the street.




What we are working on:

And of course we have many new features and updates in the works at RPR, including:


  • Quick-print report options
  • Schools information on Commercial Property Details page
  • Neighborhood boundary updates
  • Informational views of data shares


  • Buyer’s Tour Report

If you want more help finding or using anything in RPR, please visit the training section of our blog, where we have registration for upcoming webinars and on-demand learning opportunities.

A PDF version of these Release Notes is attached at the end of this article.

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