Broker instructions for implementing Deep Linking

Summary: Deep Linking allows Brokers to link directly to a "deep" interior page of RPR. An example would be a link on a listing input form that takes the REALTOR® to a Property Details page to view public records data and other information for the listing. Another would be to link to a report generation page for the property.

This deep linking technology can be used in both Commercial and Residential mode, with branding (an RPR feature that lets Brokers customize RPR with their own logo).

Creating a Broker Deep Link will require assistance from a web developer. Below are the four steps outlined to create the Deep Link:




Start from the Data Tools tab under the section For Brokers; then click on the Deep Links tab in the left corner.




The four steps are:

  • Search an area or address
  • Select your mode: Residential or Commercial
  • Select what you want to link to: Property / Listing Details, Reports, Search Results, Neighborhoods
  • Generate and Copy the Deep Link




Your web developer will need to enter the links onto your website, but before doing so, the system will allow your developer to view examples and test the links.




Your developer will have access to examples in the process of creating Deep Links for your brokerage.

For more information on adding Deep Links to your brokerage website please visit this related article.