How do I create a Buyer Tour?

You can build a Buyer Tour to use with your clients out in the field. There are two methods to create the tour; start from a search or start from scratch.

To start from a search, perform your search as usual and click on Reports at the bottom of the screen and click Create Buyer Tour. Jump to Step 5 to complete the rest of the Buyer Tour

To create a Buyer Tour from scratch, follow these steps:

Step 1: On the home screen, click Reports in the lower portion:




Step 2: Enter a geography and click the Create Buyer Tour button:




Step 3: If you need to add a filter, click the filter option at the bottom of the screen.




Step 4: Add your filters for statuses, property types, beds, baths or price range, and click Apply Filters.




Step 5: Select the listings you want on the Buyer Tour for your client. You can view the listings in List view or Map view; use the toggle at the top to switch views. Once you have viewed the property, add it to your tour by clicking the Add to Tour button.




And if you need to remove a property simply click on the property on the map and click Remove Property:




Step 6: Edit the name on the report cover. This can be done in one of two ways. You can click on the pencil icon in the geography display at the top of the screen, which will launch a box to edit the name:




Then edit the name for the report cover:




Alternatively you can save the search by clicking the Favorites button at the bottom, which will also open a screen allowing you to name the report:




Step 7: Set the order you want the properties to display.




You can select which order each property will display within the Buyer’s Tour Report.




Step 8: Select the view format for the report: side-by-side Property Grid and/or the Full-Page Property Detail. When finished selecting, click Next to generate the report.




Buyer Tour cover page with customized report name: 



Full-detail page layout for each property on the Buyer Tour:



Grid view of the properties in the Buyer Tour:





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    Shannon Cowan

    It would be so much faster to be able to type the address in to create a tour, but otherwise I love this!