Release Notes: September 2018

v1.73 - RPR website and RPR Mobile™ for iOS/Android tablet and phone

Released September 18, 2018

RPR's September release focuses on updates and improvements to many of your favorite tools in RPR, with a couple of new features too! Your clients will appreciate your ability to search for properties based on ratios of Sold, Listing and RVM® values. And who hasn’t jumped out of their seat when the doorbell goes off, signaling the completion of your RPR report? Now you can turn that doorbell off permanently if you find it disruptive rather than helpful. 

RPR Website

Advanced Search: Find properties based on price ratios

Have you ever worked with a customer who is really into statistics? RPR has added a feature to help with statistical analysis of property value. When searching for properties, you can locate homes that have a specific Sold Price to List Price ratio or RVM® to List Price ratio.




To use this powerful search feature, start a search as you would normally by entering a geography, then select the ratio to search for Sold Price to List Price Ratio or RVM® to List Price. Select the ratio range: Any, below 80%, 80%-90%, 90%-100%, 100%-110%, 110%-120%, or above 120%. 

The search will return properties that meet the ratio value that you selected. The Sold to List Price ratio is a benefit when searching for homes for your Comp Analysis that sold above or below list. Having this information prevents under-pricing or over-pricing your client's home. The RVM to List Price ratio is a great tool when working with investors or value buyers.

Email addresses verified during report generation 

Email address verification is now available when sending reports out of RPR. This feature will help identify a typo when you are entering an email address.




When you type an email into the “Email to:” box, RPR automatically pings the email server to verify that the email entered is correct. If you see a red “X,” double check the email for accuracy. RPR has tested this functionality against public and private domains with success.




Correct the address and RPR pings the email server again, displaying a green “√” if the email is valid. Occasionally, you may have an email that is valid but cannot be verified; if this occurs and you have double checked the email, the system allows you to send the report without validation.   

New charts separate sales data based on MLS and public records

On the Property Details page, two charts separate the sales data from MLS and public records, as the median can be different based on the data source. For instance, in many areas new-construction homes are not listed in the MLS and are only visible through public records when sold. The charts are useful for separating out properties that were not listed within the MLS and provide two views of sales data in an area.




Other properties that are often not listed in MLS data and can adversely affect the Median Sales Price may include; transfers, tax sales, and non-public sales such as an apartment to condominium conversion.

Doorbell sound for reports completion now configurable

Dogs everywhere are appreciative of this new setting. The reports notification doorbell sound can now be turned off.



Place your mouse over the bell next to "Reports" and click the bell to change the icon. A pop-up message confirms your change.



Reports On displays a “√” in the bell.



Reports Off displays an “X” in the bell.


Enhanced school data available in Commercial mode

Commercial mode has better navigation to school information from the Property Details page and lists commercial properties near the school. This feature provides your commercial buyer additional context about the surrounding area.




When viewing a property, schools appear on the right side of the screen under the heading Schools Nearby.




You can select a school from the Schools Nearby and view the details of the school and see commercial properties available near that school. This tool is particularly useful for those searching for properties that cater to students. 

Traffic counts are now part of the Commercial Property Report.




When creating a Commercial Property Report you can expand the Report Elements to select and deselect the section(s) you want to print for your client. Traffic Counts are listed at the bottom of the list.




The report lists the counts at various intersections near the commercial property. The location of the traffic counts is denoted with a numbered triangle and listed within the report.


RPR Mobile

Mobile maps got better looking and easier to use in this release. The map controls are located in one place; you can choose from several new options such as school search, drive-time estimate and parcel boundaries.




The map options are now all located in one place, making it easy to access features such as Schools, Parcels, Draw, Map View, Traffic, Travel Time and Distance.




Map Views allow you to set how you want to view maps within RPR Mobile™. When you click on Map Views, you can select from Street View, Satellite or Hybrid.




You can search for schools or explore schools on a map. Interactive map pins display basic school details (including Niche rating), an option to generate a school report, and a property search option that returns properties within the school attendance zone. To access Schools, click the Map Options in the lower right and click Schools.




Select either Nearby Schools or Full School Search.




Select the Search Area; Geography or School District, and then select the School type: Elementary, Middle or High School. You can even search for a specific school directly from this page: “Optional – Enter school name.”




Tap on the school you are interested in to see details of the school. Once you have the school displayed you can create a School Report right from your mobile device.




If you select Find Nearby Properties, you see all properties that are within the schools attendance zone.




Parcel lines are now displayed. This is added functionality to show your client the parcel boundaries for a given property. You can turn the parcel lines on or off.






Drive-time estimates are another compelling map option.




You can select from walk time or drive time.




Either option, Walk or Drive, lets you narrow down the exact map that will be created. Day and Time adjustment and the slider for length of travel adjust the map boundaries accordingly. This feature helps you refine your list of homes for your buyer based on the priority so many buyers want: “No more than a 20-minute commute!”




Want to search for properties within a given radius? Use the Distance feature.




You can use the slider to select a radius of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, or 25 miles. The map displayed will create a circle that is the selected distance from the center point to the edge of the circle.


What we are working on


  • Quick Print for Property Details
  • Commercial Trade Area Report enhancements
  • Updated traffic count and tenant data


  • Additional filtering options for Recently Sold and New Listings

If you want more help finding or using anything in RPR, please visit the training section of our blog, where we have registration for upcoming webinars and on-demand learning opportunities.

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