Commercial - What's the best location for a business? (How to)

This analysis uses RPR’s demographic, psychographic and spending data to identify areas with the greatest concentration of potential customers for the business. RPR partners with leading B2B data providers, such as ESRI, to power this analysis. The results are the best spots for the business within the general area.

For example, if you have a client that would like to open an automobile dealership, you could use this analysis to find the best locations within a chosen search area to place an automobile dealership.

To access RPR Commercial, click the word Commercial, next to "Welcome Name" at the top right side of your screen.

From the RPR Commercial Home page, click the Go to Analysis button



On the left side of the screen, click on What's the best location for a business?



Begin by selecting a retail business from the drop-down box. Currently only retail businesses are available, service industries are not represented. Next, select the type of search you would like to run; Geography, Drive Time, or Radius.

Geography: Select Geography, then enter the trade area, city and state, zip code, or county and state in the search field. Click Run Analysis button.



Drive Time: Select button next to Drive Time. Choose a drive time from the drop-down, from a specific address to define your search area. Next, enter a specific, full property address in the search field.  Click Run Analysis button

For Example: To search within a 15 minute drive of a specific property, select 15 minutes from the drop-down, then enter the full property address in the search field.



Radius: Select button next to Radius. Choose the radius from a specific address to define your search area. Next, enter the specific, full property address in the search field. Click Run Analysis button.

For Example: To search within a 10 mile radius of a a specific property, select 10 miles from the drop-down, then enter the full property address in the search field.


Tip:You can create a custom area on the map by clicking the link "or select area on map" Once the map opens, you can choose to draw a shape, use a map pin, or select a geography.

Sometimes a pop-up box will appear asking you to verify the search area. If this occurs, click on the appropriate search area from the list



The analysis results will show the best locations within the area searched. The best locations are shown on the map in purple and are also listed below the map. The locations default to Census Block Groups, but this can be changed in the Geography drop-down, for example to Intermediate Neighborhoods



The locations listed below the map show a score between -100 to 100, with 100 being the best location within the search area and -100 being the worst match.



Tip:This analysis can be saved and renamed by clicking the Save button.





Next, select the locations you would like to display in your report (this will most likely be those with the highest scores). Once you make your choices, buttons will appear above the list that will allow you to; search for listings in the selected areas, search all properties in the selected areas, run an analysis on just the selected areas, or get a Trade Area Analysis report.



Tip:We suggest that you run a Trade Area Analysis report to see the analysis score.  The analysis score indicates if there are too many or too few of that type of business in the area.

Analysis Results



Analysis Score - Only shown on the Trade Area Analysis report



Here is a short video tutorial